Thursday, May 24, 2007

Game Ready!!!

Finally, 7 days after I began, I am proud to release this fantastic version of Boggle for the PSP!


This is a great time waster, you can play it for hours on the bus/train etc.

anyway if your not familiar with boggle you can read about it here:-

Boggle on Wikipedia


slobman said...

Hehe, sounds great !!

Too bad the dictionnary doesn't seem to be an external file, so it can't be translated...

Is there a way to implement this ?

Jamie Fuller said...

Hi Slobman,

Unfortunatly because of the indexing system used to speed up checking if a word is valid (the PSP cannot handle 90,000 string comparisons very well :) )I decided the best method was to hardcode the dictionary in. This was because:
a) I didn't have to bother writing any file loading routines :)
b) The file is not user readable anyway, its all heavily compressed and indexed.

Thansk for the feedback though

ryosaeba77 said...

i'm french and i think this homebrew wwas very good...if we can change the dictionnary!!!
so a good news was a way to change that :s

good job elsewhere!!!

slobman said...

Hi Jamie,

Strange, I'm french too ;)
Even if the dictionnary is hardcoded, you may have used another self-made tool to create it. So I was thinking that the same tool can be used to create a french version. I used to write such dictionary tool in my young days at school... Too bad I'd gave up "hardcore" coding at home years ago...

Just in case... Here is a link to french boggle dictionary :

Keep working for my beloved PSP ;)

Jamie Fuller said...

Hi Slobman and ryosaeba77,

As there seems to be much demand for it here is a quick french edition!

French Edition

I changed a couple of the graphics but mainly its just using the dictionary from Slobmans site.


slobman said...

Hi !

Thanks a lot !!
I'm going to loose my life playing this game...


parda said...

One more french guy in comments! Thank for the french version but... look like the dictionary is still the english version, and the frequency of each letter isn't the same in english and in french. You can see that at the end of this page:équence_d'apparition_des_lettres_en_français , it's make that the game is impossible... Ok, i stop here, but would be great if you can include that in a new version! Thanks a lot!