Friday, October 09, 2009

TouchComic 1.8

Hi All,


Sorry I didn't release this yesterday as planned, but I accidentally left all the source code at work :)

Anyway, 1.8 is now available for download here:

Mainly bug fixes in this version,

* HUGE Scrolling Bug fixed
* Bug when App not exiting properly if file browser canceled fixed.
* Changed magnifying glass to *possibly* use the send key on the i8910
* Magnifying glass stays on until switched off when activated using a hardware button.
* scrolling enabled within magnifying mode.
* option to disable on-screen buttons.

As before please donate if you enjoy the software.

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.7 run-times.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

PyS60 TXT2CBZ convertor...

Hi All,

I had a request to let TouchComic also read txt files. it's not something that TouchComic will probably ever do but in the mean time (just as a programming challange) I created TXT2CBZ,

This little PyS60 app lets you choose a txt file on your phone and will create a CBZ file from the contents.

Its not very fast and doesn't have any fancy options (although you can change them as much as you like in the source code)

its creates as many pages as required and zips them up into a CBZ

its only been tested on a n97 and I am sure I have missed a few bugs but thought some people may like to have a play anyway.

Download from here:


Thursday, October 01, 2009

touchcomic 1.7

Hi Everyone,

Its been a few weeks so I thought I'd update TC big time!

In this version I have removed the lock/unlock facility as now you can select seperate folders it means that the password function was no longer needed.

I have now added:

* Double buffering, to reduce image sheering
* improved kinetic scrolling algorithm
* on screen buttons to make navigation more intuitive
* removed double taps and gestures as these were not very reliable
* added translucency for buttons
* added hardware button capture for N97 (camera button, single press) this button can also be programmed in the settings to either enable the magnifying tool, or to skip to next page.
* changed color scheme for loading screen
* added different scaling quality options to improve page swapping times.
* config file is now version dependent
* additional keyboard shortcuts for N97 (up, down and Z key to use magnifying tool)
* toggle fit to width direct from menu as well as settings.
* a whole bunch of bug fixes including the autobookmarking not working and app hanging on exit.
* search option within file open dialog
* Show read/unread flag in file open dialog (optional)

for 5800/omniaHD users you can enable the magnifying by clicking the top/left of the screen (where the page numbers are if you have them enabled)

The N97 has a duel press camera button, of which Python can detect the first level press and so I have added this and made it programmable in the settings. I have tried to map the volume up and down keys as many people have requested but its just not possible in the current versions of python.

As you can see I have put a huge amount of work into this app, as such I'd like to ask any of the users of this to help me out a bit.

If you fancy donating some cash please to so here:

Either way I hope you all enjoy this version of TouchComic

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.7 run-times.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Python & Accelerometer tests...

Yesterday I was playing with Python and came up with two new "apps".

Both are pretty useless but I had fun creating them anyway and thought I'd share the results.

The first "App" is a simulated 3D (holographic type) view of a 2D image, using the accelerometer to determine rotation etc.

the second is a classic "Unlimited Bob" routine but this time controlled by the accelerometer instead of sine tables :)

the source code can be downloaded here LINK

Monday, September 07, 2009

TouchComic 1.6 Update

Hi All,

I decided to add some requested features into this this release.

The changes are:

1) "Kinetic scrolling"
2) Option to select drive AND FOLDER (comics can be stored on any drive AND FOLDER now)
3) Proper Icon instead of Python default (this wasn't requested)

To enable change one I had to remove the ability to "slide" pages, so to move to next or previous pages you should either double click to the left or right of the screen (5800/n97) or use the left or right keys (n97 only)

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.7 run-times.

This release *SHOULD* still work fine on 5800 but I haven't tested.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hi All,

I'm still awaiting a S60 5th edition version of internet radio so in the mean time I decided to make a quick Slayradio player for my N97.

Slayradio is (IMHO) the best internet radio station EVER, playing a constant mix of the best C64 remixes.

Its still a very early version, it has little or no error checking, and you use at your own risk but...

If you want to use it you can.

Please note this was written in Python and so requires the latest runtimes, tested successfully on 1.9.7.

Click here to download


Saturday, August 22, 2009

BoomShine S60 Game...

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say I was playing a great game by Danner Miller the other day and decided it would make a great N97 game, So I contacted Danny and asked his permission to do it.

I wrote the entire thing from scratch but kept the look and feel exactly the same as the original version.

I've added a leaderboard function so if you wish to submit your score once (or IF) you complete the game you will receive worldwide recognition of having too much time on your hands :)

The game can be downloaded HERE

and the Leaderboard can be found HERE

A huge thanks to Danny for letting me use his original idea, and please check out the original version of the game here:


Friday, August 14, 2009

Some stuff from the archives :)

Hi All,

nothing new i'm afraid, in fact these little gems are 14 years old!

I found some old stuff I created back in 1995 for the C64 and have recorded some video and uploaded to youtube.

Anyway, enjoy!

and also


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TouchComic 1.5 Update

Hi All,

Due to the release of version 1.9.7 of Python and to take advantage of my new N97 I decided to make a little update for TouchComic.

The Changes are:

1) Configuration Files moved to C:\
2) Option to select drive (comics can be stored on any drive now)
3) N97 Key press support (Left and Right to switch pages, select button to toggle menu)
4) Automatically move to next/previous CBZ file when flipping last page.
5) Fixed to work with latest python run-times (1.9.7)

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.7 run-times.

This release *SHOULD* still work on 5800 but I haven't tested.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TouchComic 1.4 update

Hi All,

Thanks for all the positive comments etc, I have tried to include a few of them in this release.

There are 3 main new features in version 1.4, they are

1) Double-tap the side of the screen now to also skip pages
2) Index page (found under navigation menu) this shows a list of all files in the zip so you can skip to it easily
3) Hidden file mode, now you can hide comics from prying eyes, for example I have some very violent comics which I would not want my kids to see, but they often use my phone to read futurama comics, this function allows me to hide certain files unless the software is "unlocked" with a password.

To hide a .cbz all you need to do is rename it to .abz, the software will no longer see the file, until you unlock it using the unlock menu.

You can change the password to something other than the default, which is "password" once you unlock the system.

You can manually 're-lock' the files for opening or simply shut down TouchComic when you next open it will be locked.

Obviously this is not a 100% secure method of protection but it is simply designed to separate access for certain files.

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.4 runtimes. Some people have had problems with dependency errors with 1.9.4, but I found after installing, simply reboot your phone and the errors stopped.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Touch Comic 1.3

Hi All,

As recently announced, PyS60 has been updated to version 1.9.4, this caused problems with TouchComic, also a few people had problems installing the 1.9.3 runtimes, so hopefully this update will cure those issues.

This version also adds a basic search function, which searches the filenames contained within the CBZ file.

You can download it here:-

And dont forget to make sure you have the 1.9.4 runtimes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Comicbook Reader Source Code...

Hi All,

Just a quicky, I decided to release the source code for TouchComic in the hopes that others can learn from it.

Click here to view it.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Comic Book Reader...

Hi All,

UPDATE: New download, version V1.1 fixes Memory bug.
UPDATE: New Download, V1.2 Includes automatic bookmark.

Last week I decided to learn Python, or more specifically PyS60.

So far I'm really impressed, and to celebrate my first week anniversary of this great new language I thought I'd release my first app written in it.

One thing I really wanted on all the S60 nokias I've owned was a comic book reader, I have a huge collection of classic Comic books, all scanned and stored in CBR/CBZ format. I used to read them on the PSP but now I have the 5800, with a much better screen I was really hoping to be able to do the same.

So here is ComicTouch, a simple but effective CBZ reader.

For those who don't know, a CBZ is basically a collection of images stored in a ZIP file for convenience.

It features...
Support for CBZ/ZIP files
JPG/Gif and PNG content
Full Screen mode with Touch/Gesture based controls
Portrait/Landscape operation
Intelligent Auto-fit scaling option

It lacks...
Support for CBR/RAR files
Password protected CBZ/ZIP files
TIFF Format

To use this software you must have the latest PyS60 runtimes installed (1.9.3 or higher)

It will only work on the 5800 or N97 as it requires the touchscreen.

All CBZ files should be stored on the memory card (E:) in a folder called "Comics"

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. See the video below for instructions on use.

you can download the software directly from my server here (V1.2)
you can download the latest PyS60 runtimes here:
you can download a test CBZ file here (this file is a public domain CBZ)

Please give me feedback as always.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...

Hi All,

As promised, here is the current version of "Space Dancer".

I guess it could be called an alpha version but It's as finished as I am going to make it, it contains all the features I wanted to add including world leader boards etc.But the project has since become uninteresting to me. I have 4 other projects on the go and this one quickly became the least enjoyable of them.

Anyway, without further ado here is the game,

Please Download the SIS file here - 1MB

Many thanks to Danceaway64 for the great tracks,

Play the game in landscape mode, tap the title of the song in the main screen to switch between the three songs/speed levels.

To play simply press the corresponding onscreen buttons as the red laser approaches it.

The online score boards will require a data connection. but you can also view the scores online here

Anyway please enjoy and let me have your feedback.

Huge thanks to and to danceaway64


Monday, April 06, 2009


Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay, this thing is turning into a real Bitch!

Designing the levels is proving to be the most tricky part, but it is coming on and will be released (even if its unfinished) by the end of this week.

Some additional info...

The game has 3 soundtracks written just for this game by Danceaway64 and also has an online score table to compare your abilities with the rest of the 5800 community.

Stay tuned!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Experimental 'Multi-touch' on nokia 5800, game implementation.

This video demonstrates the experimental multi-touch system I developed on the 5800.

The game idea was a simple derivative of 'guitar hero' or 'DDR' whereby you press a button or buttons along with the music.

The two major problems with this idea on this specific platform are:

1) Button layout, the buttons need to be in an easy to reach location , but also that will not require the phone to be shifted around to reach other keys. also when pressing the buttons its important that the main game play area is not obscured by the players hands.

2) most touchscreen devices are still only single touch capable. this severely reduces the number of button presses available. unlike a traditional keypad which allows for combos.

Both of these issues have been overcome as you can see in the video. The game is very early on in design but the underlying technology is the real product that I'm showcasing.

Many thanks to for providing the music and to for the best symbian related news site online.

Please let me know your thoughts, I'm also looking for a good graphic designer to help with graphics and a few people to play-test when its a little further along the development chain.

This will be a freeware game.

Please note that there is no download available as yet, but please stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just for Fun, Rotary Dialer!

Hi All,

Just for fun I decided to create an old fashioned rotary dialer for Nokia 5800 XM.

Its fully functional and uses the vibrate of the phone to great effect.

Once you've entered your number you can hit the "Call" button to place a call.

Try it, trust me, you'll be glad the digital age happened :)

Please download the sis file here


Update: At the request of a few people I have uploaded a short video of the app runnning.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nokia 5800 Game...

Hi All,

its been quite some time since I've added any Dev stuff to this site, but recently I was inspired.

I purchased a nokia 5800 and am loving this little gadget.

So to celebrate its greatness I have written sensitive for it. This time I went for the ever so original name of "Sensitive5800"

Its very similar to the other versions I have written before but this time with a whole new method of controlling it.

Please download the sis file here

There are 50 levels, each time you beat a level you unlock the next one, the game remembers which levels you have completed and lets you replay any previous completed level.

Please note this game is designed to play in portrait mode.

Click any of the screenshots below for a better view.

I hope you enjoy, and please leave some feedback!

Jamie Fuller