Friday, October 09, 2009

TouchComic 1.8

Hi All,


Sorry I didn't release this yesterday as planned, but I accidentally left all the source code at work :)

Anyway, 1.8 is now available for download here:

Mainly bug fixes in this version,

* HUGE Scrolling Bug fixed
* Bug when App not exiting properly if file browser canceled fixed.
* Changed magnifying glass to *possibly* use the send key on the i8910
* Magnifying glass stays on until switched off when activated using a hardware button.
* scrolling enabled within magnifying mode.
* option to disable on-screen buttons.

As before please donate if you enjoy the software.

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.7 run-times.



Chris said...

Wow great work the talk key works perfect. I am still getting the scroll error, but it's not a big problem now because of the talk key. I just scroll from the middle big thanks for the talk key.

You are definitely getting some of my next paycheck, really big thanks great job man

Jamie Fuller said...

Glad that worked Chris,

I have since notice 2 more small bugs and fixed them, Please install 1.81 as version 1.8 cannot open all drives and folders.

The scrolling bug that you get must be an i8910 issue as the scrolling works perfectly on my N97 and 5800, I wish I could get my hands on one for testing :(

piotr said...

"Donation sent"


Not much, but I hope to donate in the future.

Jamie Fuller said...

Many thanks Piotr!, It's very appreciated. Every donation refuels my enthusiasm for the project!

Chris said...

Hey Jamie the talk key doesn't work in 1.8.1 so I will stick with 1.8. Is there any major reason I should use 1.8.1? thanks

Jamie Fuller said...

Typical, I fix two bugs and create another one :)

Anyway I've updated the install file for 1.81 to include the send key code.

1.81 had a bug whereby it didn't allow you to browse certain drives and folders. if you only have comics in e:\comics then its not a problem.

Kozzi said...

do you have any plan on adding rar/cbr support ?

kennypocky said...

One question...why the the image always jump to another part of the page whenever i press the next page button? This doesn't happen in the older versions before kinetic scrolling and double tapping.

Jamie Fuller said...

kennypocket, what handset do you have.

I have tried to recreate your problem but I do not get any image jumping no matter where or how fast I click.

kennypocky said...

Hi, i'm using a i8910.

the scrolling is fine, but whenever i press the next page button it jumps to another part of the page for a quick moment before loading the next page.

Not a critical bug, but it is a bit disconcerting.

Also, is removing double tapping really necessary? Sometimes it's easier to double tap right where the finger is instead of moving to the next page button.

Tech Head Geezer said...

Love the updates, the onscreen buttons make a big difference.

Next page loading via the N97 is still pretty slow but I doubt their is anything you can do about that..?

One suggestion, would it be possible to set up either via the settings or a shortcut key, landscape or portrait.
I always use your app in landscape mode but have auto rotate switched off on my N97 as its jumps around too much.

Be nice to be able to have the app open without having to slide out the keyboard which forces the app into landscape mode.

Donation coming end of week.

MaD said...

Hi, thanks for the update!

One question, when I try to open a file that has two scanned pages not only one, TouchComic displays a blank page (all white); and I can't see at all the double page.

Is this only my problem or it's common?

Snak3 said...

Great! This is a lot smoother and user friendly than the previous versions and loads a lot faster. Seriously this is probably one of the best apps for the 5800! All it needs now is RAR support.

Until then... I'm trying to find a free-ware Batch RAR to ZIP converter. That would be a great tool to use with touchComic.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

budzi said...

It really would be great if you could ad *.cbr-support!!!

Daniele said...

do u have any plans to expand the folder listing?
I mean...actually i can read manga from just one big "manga" folder in which i have all mangas!
I wish touchcomic could read manga from different e:/manga/manganames folder so to organize them!

Simian said...

Hi Jamie. Great application. I'll be donating soon. Only issue that is holding me back is the same one highlighted by Tech Head Geezer. I like to view the comic in landscape mode on my 5800 but when the phone gets near horizontal your app flips to portrait and back again. Would love have a manual mode for rotating the view instead... ;-)

Anonymous said...


1. Manual rotate override.
2. Cbr support.
3. Dear got nested folders (it doesn't support them!) and nested archives (why noone ever thinks about nested archives?)

Anonymous said...

The python s60 doesnt install in my nokia 5530 saying its unsigned..what should i do? I am a symbian newbie !! Thanks !

Vignesh said...

I have files only in cbr format so i just renamed the extension but touchcomic said it isnt a valid cbz file..please help

Shafeeq said...


CPZ is ZIP files
CPR is RAR files (currently not supported)

You need to convert them from RAR to ZIP... renaming wont do the trick :)

Roger said...

Hi Jamie,

When the cbz files are large, it gives me a corrupt jpg exception after browsing to a page greater than a specific value.

This is the case for a Superman comic (Superman v1 001.cbz).

Handset: Nokia 5800

Btw, the cbz opens without problems in ComicRack on a PC.


Blaz said...

Hi there,
first of all, let me say, that the app has evolved since the 1.5 version wihich I downloaded a while ago.
I downloaded a source file and made some modifications (on screen keys instread of tapping in fullscreen mode and some others), but i've made them for my personal use, not for distribution, so my coding was pretty sloppy :). However, some of my coding was need driven, so I'll suggest it and maybe You'll consider including it in the app:

1) buttuns are great, but what is missing is some kind of press indicator. Maybe red outline indicating, taht a button has been pressed, because the app does nor react instantly an the use does not know, wheather the button has been pressed or not;

2) compiling the sis of the app with bigger memmory allocation - if the files in the zip are big, the try to read the file results i blank page (ince the pyzip module works directly in memory);

3.) and my wish (since i also have cbz photo archives) - some kind of autoplay, authomatic page turning every 2-3 seconds or so:). Full screen and full image size. Maybe you'll consider it.

Otherwise - great work, keep it up. Im using n5800 and it's sweet.

my work on version1.5 is accessable here
packed for trying it out:

For those of you asking for cbr support i must say trat it is not an easy thing to do, since pys60 does not have a native rar module. If you're using linux there is a script to bulk convert cbr's to cbz available here:

Regards, B.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm eager to try this app but it doesn't work for me. I have Python runtime installed and when I try to open TouchComic it gives me an error -- "Update is mandatory. Re-run the application" or something similar to that. Is it because of Python? Can someone give me a step-by-step on how to install Python runtime and this app? I'm quite new to this whole app business.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Ignore that post above. I got it working. Turns out I had to restart the phone. How embarrassing.

Juhan said...

My phone asks me to connect to internet. Is that because of this application?

Great app btw.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this! i noticed that the Touchcomic conflicts with the nokia 5800 music player when used simultaneously. It continues playing songs but the music player does not show up as open.

bleakhand said...

I have a big question.

When I open the folder, I found the names of my zip files starting with a star. After I open it, TC showed en error. It said:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 43, in
execfile('', default_namespace)
File "", line 541, in
File "I:/python/TouchComic\TouchComicV1.81_084408\", line 501, in read

My file is zip files with .png inside. Is that because the png are too large (1740*1500) ? My device is N97. Thank you for your help, I'm really apreciate.

Jamie Fuller said...

Hi Bleakhand,

yes you're right, unfortunately it sounds like a memory issue. PNG files seem especially prone to the problem.

The N97, while being a very powerful , is still just a mobile device and struggles with big files.


bleakhand said...

Thanks for your reply. I noticed my "Photos" viewer can open the png file. It means the phone has the capacity to open such big files. Hence could you find a way to fix the problem??

I'll definetely donate you.

Anonymous said...

Can you compile the sis of the app with bigger memory allocation because when I open a file that has some two scanned pages not just single one, TouchComic displays a blank page (all white); and I can't see at all the double page.

Joe Wandy said...

Next page loading via the N97 is still pretty slow but I doubt their is anything you can do about that..?

For N97, what I do is to simply pre-process the images and resize the width to 640px before putting them to the phone. Page loading becomes a matter of less than a second this way.

One small feature request: the kinetic scrolling still feels laggy on N97 when using the up and down arrow. Is it possible to disable kinetic scrolling altogether, and just pan the image in small increments using the up/down dpad ? Say 10px for every keypress .. Thanks !!

Guizzy said...

Even though it was designed for S60V5, I found it mostly works for V3 (non-touch devices).

The only thing it's truly lacking is a more universal way to toggle a magnifier. I'm no Python coder and the lack of comments in the code rebukes me, but I think it would be fairly trivial to program any key (say clicking on the dpad) to toggle between Fit to Width and a "Magnifier-mode" (no resizing mode with the dpad's left and right keys moving the view around instead of turning pages). Implementing this would make TouchComic really both a V3 and V5 compatible app!

Blayze said...

Thanks for creating this application, Jamie -- .cbr support isn't an issue now I've worked out how to manually convert them.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the "white screen" effect, though -- comics I read a few months ago flawlessly (Big pages all, in one case) now don't display at all.

Rolled back to various TouchComic versions didn't solve the problem. Now to try rolling back to various other Python versions. D:

Mazen said...

Hi Jamie just wondering if this program would work on the nokia X6 too?

Mazen said...

it does work on c6

Jeff said...

Any plans on updating this? I really like the program however for some reason some comics just render a white screen and the majority render a white screen on the last page. Other than that the program works great! Thanks for it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
I tried to install your application on a N8 Symbian^3 device, and not much surprisingly I run into problems... Python 1.9.7 won't install, but 2.0.0 does.
TouchComic 1.8.1 install cleanly and it seems to run as well, but I can't see any graphics, just the menu.
I see that'a a while since you posted so I guess you dropped this project, but it's a shame. There isn't much on the market (actually nothing at the moment), maybe you can make some bucks if you check it against new devices and post it on OVI Store...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jamie Fuller.
This is a great application!

Anonymous said...


Do you plan to make it usable for the symbian^3 phones (like N8 and C7).

It does install ok on my N8 but nothing happens if I open a CBZ file.

Ming said...

Hi Jamie,

I've been using you TouchComic app for a while and will make a small donation with Paypal.

Any chance you can get this great app to work on S^3 phones like the N8/E7.

Like the post earlier, I got this to install on the E7 but when trying to load an zip/cbr file the app just freezes.


noxeen said...

This app changed my life Jamie. I read comics everywhere. My batteries die because of it! haha

But I also started to have the "white screen" problem. Almost half of the comics on my phone open as blank white screens. It shows the page counts and everything, but pages are all white and blank.

Hope you can find a solution for us!

Thank you very much

saintkitten said...

I just realized I wrote here too soon before trying everything!

Blank white screen problem is happening because of oversized comic book pages. Simply resize them to reasonable pixels and put them back into cbz packs. They will all open!

Hope it helps