Friday, August 14, 2009

Some stuff from the archives :)

Hi All,

nothing new i'm afraid, in fact these little gems are 14 years old!

I found some old stuff I created back in 1995 for the C64 and have recorded some video and uploaded to youtube.

Anyway, enjoy!

and also



William said...

Hi Jamie,

I came across your Boogle for PSP done in 2007 (, but it wouldn't run in PSP 2000. Any chance of porting it to PSP 2000 pls?

My son is looking for it...

Thanks and regards,
William from Singapore

katman2 said...

Hi Jamie, I have been searching for a comic book reader for my 5800XM and I found yours. ANd I realized that most of my comic books are in cbr format, which is a compressed rar file, same as in cbz. My question is would it be so difficult adding cbr support in your reader for the next versions? Kind regards and congratulations from Spain

Joost said...

People would love it if you would upload your works to the csdb via the database that archives all c64 releases.


Jamie Fuller said...

Hi joost,

I'll try to update my profile on CSDb,

the main demo is available on there here:-