Saturday, August 22, 2009

BoomShine S60 Game...

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say I was playing a great game by Danner Miller the other day and decided it would make a great N97 game, So I contacted Danny and asked his permission to do it.

I wrote the entire thing from scratch but kept the look and feel exactly the same as the original version.

I've added a leaderboard function so if you wish to submit your score once (or IF) you complete the game you will receive worldwide recognition of having too much time on your hands :)

The game can be downloaded HERE

and the Leaderboard can be found HERE

A huge thanks to Danny for letting me use his original idea, and please check out the original version of the game here:



Teatrino di Ranabottola said...

Hi Jamie,
I tried your game on my Samsung I8910, but it doesn't recognize when the mobile is rotated in landscape, so the game doesn't start.
Could you fix that problem?
I would like to talk about this game in my blog...

Thank you very much.
Sebastian from Italy.

dadiduekappa said...

Yes, i agree... On Samsung I8910 doesn't recognize when the mobile is rotated in landscape.
Please fix... Good job!!!

Thierrz said...


Thanks for this great game!

But there can be some improvements:

Add FX Sound, so when you explode a dot, a sound plays, like it does by the iPhone version.

And add a scores menu!,10956.msg90773.html#new

Anonymous said...

Hello Jamie,

Such a wonderful game !!
It worked amazingly on my N97

Just a few suggestions, Please add sound effects when a ball explodes.
The original game has rhthmic sound effects when each ball explodes.

And how about different speeds for the balls ? For example : some balls are faster and some balls are slower than the other.

Thank you very much
Great job !!

Teatrino di Ranabottola said...

Uh? Not a single word?
This is not very polite, in my opinion...

I will survive without the game.


Jamie Fuller said...

Sebastian, My apologies for not responding sooner.

the fact of the matter is there is a bug in the i8910, this is a samsung issue and nothing to do with my software.

I also have a day job which occupies most of my time, so I am selective in when I reply.

I wrote the game in my spare time, I get paid nothing to do so and nothing to run this blog. therefore I will reply when I like, not when you or anyone else feels I should.

If the game is not up to your standards Sebastian may I recommend you ask for your money back.

Thierrz said...

Dear Jamie,

Just want to ask you, are you gonna make a new version? I've downloaded the official one on my iPod and that one is actually harder. The one you make is a bit to easy.

So can you make more levels, add sound effects when a ball explodes, and difrent ball speed.

Anyway, thank you so much for this game, I love it!

and btw. you can always ask for donations!

pbpj said...

Hi. Loved the game. Could you add more levels? Greets from portugal.

aLiN said...

Very good game, i like it very much. Too bad that it can't save level so when i exit from game and come back later to play same level.

Aliamus said...

love the game!!

but i have a small problem ever since i updated my firmware to v31, some of the ingame buttons disaper (but you can still press them.) and a flash error apears from time to time mostly around level 11 (don't know if that helps) i don't know if that is my phone's problem or if it is the game's...

and one last thing: Thank you for taking the time too port this great game, you're AWESOME!

Aliamus said...

P.S. i already reinstalled it, uninstalled it and reinstalled it to no luck.

stumpy_666_davies said...

Works great on Nokia 5800XM, just the pop sound the bubbles/balls make when they collide is missing but on the whole great game I loved playing online & can now play on the Nokia 5800, any chance of an iPhone port that could be available through the app store? as I now have an iPhone only trying it out on the Nokia before I sell it & am gonna miss the great game.