Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TouchComic 1.5 Update

Hi All,

Due to the release of version 1.9.7 of Python and to take advantage of my new N97 I decided to make a little update for TouchComic.

The Changes are:

1) Configuration Files moved to C:\
2) Option to select drive (comics can be stored on any drive now)
3) N97 Key press support (Left and Right to switch pages, select button to toggle menu)
4) Automatically move to next/previous CBZ file when flipping last page.
5) Fixed to work with latest python run-times (1.9.7)

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.7 run-times.

This release *SHOULD* still work on 5800 but I haven't tested.



Anonymous said...

Thank you.. love this app.

Any chance of increasing the speed of the app?

Oliver said...

Jamie, thanks so much for this app! For the next update how about some transition changes? (like turning over a page in a book, sliding pages etc.) I know it'll take alot of effort and its alot to ask. Just a thought on improving the app. Thanks again for this!

Anonymous said...

Tested on 5800xm with coloured and BnW manga and it works.

Heck, this version and latest phython runtime actually fixes some of my manga page viewing when the page consist 80% white or black (the old runtime 1.9.5 and TC didnt render at all as if the file is corrupted)

Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

Could you update it a bit so that we can scroll up and down with the n97 dpad?

currently hitting left and right goes to the previous and the next page.

Col said...

Does work a treat on the 5800 (with latest firmware)... thanks!

Best to uninstall any older version of Python and reinstall it from scratch, then restart the handset after installation is completed.

Was a bitch to find the right version etc, so I've posted it here. Link is for Runtime and Lib:

Thanks again!!!

eiraku said...

@Oliver - Agreed. Was just jumping around the net to find a good CBZ reader for my lappy and I bumped into MMCE (also known as MangaMeeya). Greatest thing to happen for CBZs since sliced bread IMHO.

Anyhow, what is MORE interesting is if the Green and Red keys can be mapped to down and up automatically. I mean, touch is fine and all, but mapping the keys would allow for true one handed comic viewing!

Oh, and kinescrolling makes any app better, if there is anyway to implement in through Py that is.

katman2 said...

Hi, Jamie. Don't know if you've seen my other comment, which I think is in a wrong post (sorry about that). I'd like to thank you for this awesome app, and suggest support for the cbr extension, it's same as cbz but made on winrar. Thanks again and keep working pal ;D

Joe said...

He knows what cbr is, the problem is Jame has same approach to writing software I have (beside the fact that I hate programming) - don't write it if you don't need it yourself. Which is fine, fact that he releases his programs and as opensource is great.

Our problem is that Jamie have got himself n97so he doesn't need to slave around with hardware keys support on n5800.

I dug around and here is what I found:

1. To use music keys you need to write python extension. Good luck with that. I looked into it, it's hard - that's all I can say.

2. Capturing red and green keypressess is easy, but you cannot disable their main function. Well, yoiu can with red button via nasty hack (check forum nokia python section), but can't do anything for white and green buttons. They will tab out and launch call screen respectively, when pressed.

Only hardware button we can capture and disable is...screen lock switch. For real. So, at least we have key to jump to next picture.

jethrohimura said...

thank you for the nice app sir. but is there anyway to make the scrolling of the comic with a joystick? i only own a Nokia N73. but the touchcomic is working on my python 1.9.6.. i'm really new to this. especially to python apps. i also notice that anyone can edit a .py extension with a notepad. i'm not really familiar with command syntax with python. i just hope you can help us. the one with the lower models.

and i would like to add. it's very easy to convert cbr files to cbz. just rename the comic.from cbr to rar.
Ex: comic.cbr >> comic.rar
extract contents using winrar.
and then use winzip to pack it again. "store" settings is the best.
then just rename the .zip to .cbz. and it will work just fine.
and also don't forget to "uncheck" the box of "Hide extension for known file types"
it can be found from the Folder Options, in the View tab.
i hope i have helped anyone in any way
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