Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hi All,

After a month of work the new game is ready, I have set up a page for it here so I wont go into too much detail but please play with it and let me know what you all think!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back in time Live

As a rest from all my hard work coding this game I decided to pop into london and check out 'Back in Time Live' at the Spitz (http://www.c64audio.com/productInfo.php?cat=BITLIVE2007) , it was a great night and I met up with Danceaway64 who is composing all the music for the new game.

The energy was awesome, Danceaway64 performed 7 tracks from his new CD, absolutely amazing! and had the whole place rocking, so I'm really excited to have him working on this project.

I didn't stay the whole night as I had to get back to my family but the first 3 hours we're awesome and I'll be booking my tickets for the next one as soon as its announced.

8-bit weapen we're awesome, really impressed to see them working with loads of original equipment, Makke was hilarious and made a fantastic presenter for the night.

Anyway the game is 99% finshed, just making some final tweaks and adjustments and awaiting the music. then it'll be available for download.

I have a preview video on myspace.com but I'll only show it to people on my friends list, so pop by and add me (http://myspace.com/30dbs)

all the best

Monday, June 11, 2007

Musician Needed!

I'm currently looking for a talanted musician to help me convert a couple of small loops into something a bit more modern than the original?

Any one up for a challenge? You'll be working only for the fun of it and credit of course.

Let me know if anyone can help, I'd like to knock this one out pretty quick as I've been working on it for nearly 3 weeks now and thats 3 times longer than any previous game I want this game to be great but also want to put it to bed! I'm getting married in less than 3 weeks and I'm sure I wont be allowed to spend so much time dev'ing once that haapens!

anyone who can source some in-game samples (jumping, landing etc) would be good too!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Project 'X' continues...


Work has got me pretty much flat out on the new database system I am installing which means I am finding it difficult to find the enthusiam to crack on with the game. rest assured though it is getting there.

So far,

Level one designed, graphics done etc
Controls written, re-written and tweaked,
scoring system done,
bad guy sprite handling routine written,
Main menu designed

In fact its racing along, I had some problem with the 'Slope code' but thats all sorted now, and is pixel perfect!

anyway, as promised heres a tile from the game. :)


Friday, June 01, 2007

Game Progression....

Its been a while so I thought I'd note my thoughts,

This one isnt going to be a few days work, the graphics alone have taken me nearly a week to perfect, I have had to use so many different pieces of software and even create my own. including this wicked little bit of code that converts a whole bunch of 32*32 pixel tiles into a crunched down, non-duplicated 8*8 tile set, with reconstructive index.

and all written in PHP!

anyway, the game is moving along nicely. maybe some graphic snippets next time.