Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back in time Live

As a rest from all my hard work coding this game I decided to pop into london and check out 'Back in Time Live' at the Spitz ( , it was a great night and I met up with Danceaway64 who is composing all the music for the new game.

The energy was awesome, Danceaway64 performed 7 tracks from his new CD, absolutely amazing! and had the whole place rocking, so I'm really excited to have him working on this project.

I didn't stay the whole night as I had to get back to my family but the first 3 hours we're awesome and I'll be booking my tickets for the next one as soon as its announced.

8-bit weapen we're awesome, really impressed to see them working with loads of original equipment, Makke was hilarious and made a fantastic presenter for the night.

Anyway the game is 99% finshed, just making some final tweaks and adjustments and awaiting the music. then it'll be available for download.

I have a preview video on but I'll only show it to people on my friends list, so pop by and add me (

all the best

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