Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sensitive Motion, for the N900...

Hi All,

Still fuelled by my love of this new device I decided to completely re-write Sensitive, this time to use the accelerometer.

So its now available in the extras-testing repo, the usual warnings apply to any app from that repo. I fully redesigned all the graphics and levels too and added some new blocks.

The idea is the same as always, roll your player around the level crossing/breaking all the ice-blocks on your way to the exit block. you must destroy every ice-block before you can exit.

Watch out for teleporters, double strength blocks, one-way blocks and conveyor belts too!

The game contains 24 predesigned levels but also includes a level editor for you to create up to 24 custom levels!

This game is totally free but a few donations wouldn't go amiss :)

EDIT * click here for a video of the game in action


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Phone, New Game....

Hi All,

I have recently got my hands on Nokia's amazing N900.

I decided to try to make a quick game for it.

These are the results of this weekends freetime :)

The game is called "De-lite" and is a remake of the tiger electronics game called "Lights Out"

the project can be downloaded directly from the extras-dev repository if you have them enabled.

the Maemo page can be found here: