Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sensitive Motion, for the N900...

Hi All,

Still fuelled by my love of this new device I decided to completely re-write Sensitive, this time to use the accelerometer.

So its now available in the extras-testing repo, the usual warnings apply to any app from that repo. I fully redesigned all the graphics and levels too and added some new blocks.

The idea is the same as always, roll your player around the level crossing/breaking all the ice-blocks on your way to the exit block. you must destroy every ice-block before you can exit.

Watch out for teleporters, double strength blocks, one-way blocks and conveyor belts too!

The game contains 24 predesigned levels but also includes a level editor for you to create up to 24 custom levels!

This game is totally free but a few donations wouldn't go amiss :)

EDIT * click here for a video of the game in action



Neil said...

Shame I don't have an N900 to test this on. Perhaps you might be interested in this...

Fabian said...

Hey, I also want to distribute my game OpenSource and leave a link to donate me via paypal, so I wanted to know, how much you "earned" yet with the two games de-light and sensitive for the n900.

Please Answer


Jamie Fuller said...

Hi Fabian,

So do you want the amount in EUR, GBP or USD???

I've used for the latest exchange rates so here they go.

EUR: 0.00
GBP: 0.00
USD: 0.00

If you're further interested in which title earned me the most I have that broken down below too.

De-lite: 0.00
Sensitive: 0.00

Asking for donations very very rarely works, I hoped it would have been better in the open-source comunity but it really isn't

Only do it if you're happy to get nothing, which I am, despite the sarcasm :)

Fabian said...


thanks for the answer.
I hoped, you earned at least 50 USD or something like this...

If I have my N900 and can test your games, I'll donate something, because they are really funny...

I think I'll make a free trial and make a full game for 0.99 $ or something like this and when I got 220 € (the price I pay for the N900 with my agreement) I will make some OpenSource-Games.

But Good Luck for getting some donation and keep on programming fpr the n900, please :D

Also, the pseudo-multitouch-thing on the 5800 is so cool... I think I'll make a game, which uses this idea, if I'm allowed to...

And thanks for your answer, of course...


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Jamie Fuller said...

Good News!,

I received my first Donation yesterday!, many thanks to Fabian (a different one) who donated.


Fabian said...

Hey, nice to hear this (:

Am I allowed to ask, how much (the other) Fabian donated? *curiously-being*