Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TouchComic 1.4 update

Hi All,

Thanks for all the positive comments etc, I have tried to include a few of them in this release.

There are 3 main new features in version 1.4, they are

1) Double-tap the side of the screen now to also skip pages
2) Index page (found under navigation menu) this shows a list of all files in the zip so you can skip to it easily
3) Hidden file mode, now you can hide comics from prying eyes, for example I have some very violent comics which I would not want my kids to see, but they often use my phone to read futurama comics, this function allows me to hide certain files unless the software is "unlocked" with a password.

To hide a .cbz all you need to do is rename it to .abz, the software will no longer see the file, until you unlock it using the unlock menu.

You can change the password to something other than the default, which is "password" once you unlock the system.

You can manually 're-lock' the files for opening or simply shut down TouchComic when you next open it will be locked.

Obviously this is not a 100% secure method of protection but it is simply designed to separate access for certain files.

You can download it here:-


And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.4 runtimes. Some people have had problems with dependency errors with 1.9.4, but I found after installing, simply reboot your phone and the errors stopped.


Ishmam156 said...

Hey jamie great work on the comic reader :D It comes of great use to me :) I was wondering if you could assist me on a project type thingy. I am pretty sure you must be bored with the homescreen that comes with Nokia 5800. Its just to plain. I thought why not make it more functional and also pleasing to the eyes. It resulted in this concept http://i32.ahpic.com/4qb1v5.png. The problem is I know nothing of flash and whereas you seem to be awesome in it :) So if you want to I can share the .psd and everything and maybe make the homescreen much better for everyone? If your don't want to do it then no problem I fully understand :) Best wishes
my email microlab156@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hello Jamie ,

Great new version.
You can easily add cbr (rar) feature if you add the rarfile library
I have installed this rarfile after putting in a selfsigned file. I change a little your touchcomic.py code for adding rarfile support and I try the new version with a cbr comic file and it works !

rarfile = http://grue.l-t.ee/~marko/src/rarfile/

Best regards

paulo said...

Hello, do you have any great resource on symbian programming?

PS: i'm good with very C and VB.

sjc said...

Hi Jamie,
I really love your TouchComic app. and i'm going to feature it next week on my 5800blog. I've made an app. icon for it for the feature, hope you like it:)

Marc said...

I love the idea of your application, but for some unknowen reason I can't get it to find the CBZ file I put in the memory to test it with, any idea where in the file structure I should be looking?

Z said...

Hi, like the look of the comic reader, but i have an LG Viewty... any chance of a .jar version to suit.

Blayze said...

Now that I've finally managed to get this program running properly -- minus an error on close that doesn't give me any other problems, that is -- I have one question:

Is it just me, or can TouchComic not handle sub-folders?

Anonymous said...

I cannot view fullscreen, double tapping on the screen gives me an error, please help.

Using the latest version of python and n97.

Tech Head Geezer said...

What a fantastic little prog, many thanks. Actually thought it would be uncomfortable to read on my N97 but with the page on set to width its perfect.

Couple of feature requests if your still working on this.

1) Can you add support for the joy stick on the N97, would be easier to read pressing this that having to scroll on the touch screen which can be a bit un-precise.

2) CBR file support, I know we can unrar & then zip back up but I have gigabytes worth of cbrs.

Here's to an update, cheers :-)

JackED42 said...

Hey, great piece of software here, was just wondering if it was possible to make it so you can have view cbz files that are stored in folders.

Cheers =D

sathurshan said...
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sathurshan said...

thanks alot i lie your apps for comics. you rule. thxs

squee said...

Hi great program for reading comics! However only problem i encountered so far is it being unable to open certain type of JPEG and having error when i double tap to try to go into full screen. Would really hope to have a solution to the full screen issue

i'm using 5800 and pys60 1.9.6


ZaVok said...

when i doubleclick on the screen i get it:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "launcher.py", line 37, in module> execfile("default.py"), default_namespace)
File "default.py", line 327, in module> toggle_screen()
File "default.py", line 61, in toggle_screen appuifw.app.screen = 'full_max'

TypeError: invalid screen mode: must be one of normal, large, full
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ZaVok said...

Oh shi~
I'm idiot.

Arnold said...

Not only are you hot looking, you're a great programmer too. Love this app, can't live without it. Any chance of getting CBR support in the next release?