Friday, May 01, 2009

Touch Comic 1.3

Hi All,

As recently announced, PyS60 has been updated to version 1.9.4, this caused problems with TouchComic, also a few people had problems installing the 1.9.3 runtimes, so hopefully this update will cure those issues.

This version also adds a basic search function, which searches the filenames contained within the CBZ file.

You can download it here:-

And dont forget to make sure you have the 1.9.4 runtimes.


wah wah said...

BIG small feature request:

Could you add support for nested cbr/zip files?

90% of my collection is stored by putting chapters into cbz file, and then cbz files with chapters into one big cbz file with reperesnting manga volume.

Having to manually unpack all those files would be real pain:(

Also, think about folder support in c:\comics :)

Anonymous said...

the best thing to do next would to port an FTP server (or even OpenSSH) to S60.

wah wah said...

Why would you want to run FTP server on a phone?

Anonymous said...

wah wah: file transfers via wifi, it mixes the mobility of bluetooth with the speed of USB

Jamie Fuller said...

Look for SymSync on,

its a cheap and awesome tool for syncronising folders over wifi using standard Samba shares, way better than FTP etc.

They used to have a full Samba client but I think Nokia killed it for some reason.

wah wah said...

Yeah, I use Telexy.Networks.SymSMB.v4.00.61.S60v3 on my Nokia 5800 and I can confirm that it works like breeze.

There is a DOSBox port for Symbian, so you might want to check some dos ftp server, for openSSH, there is Putty.

Jamie Fuller:
Any chance for nested zip support? Or alternatively, source file for 1.3 version?:)

JackED42 said...

Hey, great piece of software here, was just wondering if it was possible to make it so you can have view cbz files that are stored in folders.

Cheers =D

Tzvika said...

Hi Jamie,

I have Nokia N97 and i installed touch comic 1.8 with the latest python version and when i run it it says that update is mandatory for installing python runtime and its dependencies and that i need to re-run tha app. You have any idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance for your answer :)


ovenwingt said...

turning the phone horizontally it could not have the Whole page view?
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

In some files dosent read properly the image, it displays white/blank page.