Thursday, October 08, 2009

PyS60 TXT2CBZ convertor...

Hi All,

I had a request to let TouchComic also read txt files. it's not something that TouchComic will probably ever do but in the mean time (just as a programming challange) I created TXT2CBZ,

This little PyS60 app lets you choose a txt file on your phone and will create a CBZ file from the contents.

Its not very fast and doesn't have any fancy options (although you can change them as much as you like in the source code)

its creates as many pages as required and zips them up into a CBZ

its only been tested on a n97 and I am sure I have missed a few bugs but thought some people may like to have a play anyway.

Download from here:



i own nokia 5800 said...

thanks a lot for making my request app. come true....

Ankhwatcher said...

I'm going to use this to read Cory Doctorow's new book!
TouchComic is now my free E-Book reader!