Thursday, October 01, 2009

touchcomic 1.7

Hi Everyone,

Its been a few weeks so I thought I'd update TC big time!

In this version I have removed the lock/unlock facility as now you can select seperate folders it means that the password function was no longer needed.

I have now added:

* Double buffering, to reduce image sheering
* improved kinetic scrolling algorithm
* on screen buttons to make navigation more intuitive
* removed double taps and gestures as these were not very reliable
* added translucency for buttons
* added hardware button capture for N97 (camera button, single press) this button can also be programmed in the settings to either enable the magnifying tool, or to skip to next page.
* changed color scheme for loading screen
* added different scaling quality options to improve page swapping times.
* config file is now version dependent
* additional keyboard shortcuts for N97 (up, down and Z key to use magnifying tool)
* toggle fit to width direct from menu as well as settings.
* a whole bunch of bug fixes including the autobookmarking not working and app hanging on exit.
* search option within file open dialog
* Show read/unread flag in file open dialog (optional)

for 5800/omniaHD users you can enable the magnifying by clicking the top/left of the screen (where the page numbers are if you have them enabled)

The N97 has a duel press camera button, of which Python can detect the first level press and so I have added this and made it programmable in the settings. I have tried to map the volume up and down keys as many people have requested but its just not possible in the current versions of python.

As you can see I have put a huge amount of work into this app, as such I'd like to ask any of the users of this to help me out a bit.

If you fancy donating some cash please to so here:

Either way I hope you all enjoy this version of TouchComic

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.7 run-times.



Josh said...

Hah! Still no rar support.
So, you did missed something:)

Also, AdBlock now disabled and I'm looking for my new debit card.

If it really works as you described, this is going to be first software I ever 'paid' for on the internet:)

pbpj said...

Hi. Brought a nokia 5530 yesterday. Tested your aplication, and, even with a few problems with the unsigned pithonS60, i ended up the day reading my manga =) Thanks and congratulations for the good aplication. =)
Greets for portugal.

Nordic said...

Thanks for update, but it's very slow release. I prefer to use my own mod because it's more functional and stable.

Zeca said...

Nice ... works perfectly, i got a traceback error from file on line 105, in select_drive drive_letter=drives[appuifw.selection_list(drives)] TypeError: list indices must be integers

I went to Choose Folder and cancelled, aplication did not crash, but when i exit it it has shown me that traceback

:3 i have a 5800 with a developer edition of Python 1.9.7 with high capacity shell and all the candies from python package...

Keep it up!

Jamie Fuller said...

Hi all,

Josh, you're right, and I do want to add it. if the guy who posted before about adding rar support could get in touch with me it might happen in the next version.

pbjp, glad you enjoy it and your phone :)

Nordic, if you have created a better version please share!

Zeca, D'oh!, I thought I'd got that bug too :) oh well, I've added it to 1.8s todo list!, thanks.

and a special thanks to Verminck, who is the first donator/supporter of TouchComic!

Chris said...

Hey Jamie big thanks I am paypaling you cash as I type But 1 problem.

Whenever I try to use the magnifying glass the page scrolls down, there doesnt seem to be a work around to it. Do you think you could make it so the glass stays on till you turn it off?

Also could you make it so I could scroll the page while the glass is active.

Oh and can the I8910's camera button do anything or is it unusable?

Once again big BIG thanks

Jamie Fuller said...

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for the donation!

I'm glad you like the software.

I like the idea of scrolling while in the magnify mode so I'll add it to the 1.8 todo list.

I haven't noticed the bug you found with scrolling down while in magnify mode, maybe this is specific to the omniahd? anyone else notice this bug?

as for the camera button i'm not sure if its programmable as i'm not lucky enough to have an omniahd :) but if you have python installed and also the pythonshell, it comes with a script called "" if you run this and then try to press the hardware buttons. if it shows a code when you press the button the python can detect it. and I can add it to the program.

Thanks again.

Chris said...

Hey Jamie the bug might only be on the i8910 it seems whenever I tap on the top of the screen the page scrolls all the way down. And vice versa with the bottom of the screen

I opened Python and ran the key viewer. When I press the camera key half way it says


I am not sure if it's 0 or o it looks like 0

Also plan to donate again before the end of the week

I spend money on crap this is some thing I love so thanks man seriously

veno said...

hi there
i really like these application and new 1.7 in really cool

Sometimes I get a bug and pager scrolls whithout any order, it a bit anoying but then it's ok

about magnifing glass
it works on 5800 also but i would recomend some improvements:

magnifier would appera when you halfpress camera button and dissaper when you press it again
this way you could add scrolling with glass on like if you press and hold on magnifier you would move it , if you move not on glass it would be just normal scrolling
this would be just cool

oh yeah and lock feature was quite good too so it could be brought back

otherwise nice work

piotr said...

Chris, Veno:

It's a HUGE bug that makes TC 1.7 barely usable.

It happens because touchcomic will interpret two taps on screen as ultra fast sweep.
It works like this:
You sweep screen (in horizontal mode) to move to middle of picture (so your finger was at bottom of the screen when you stopped touching the screen) and after reading middle part of image you want to sweep it down again to see bottom part of image.
To do so, you touch upper part of the screen and this is where surprise - TC interprets last finger positions (bottom of screen at the end of previous sweep and current position at top of the screen) as super fast sweep in reverse direction and instead of moving form middle to bottom part of image, you end up in top part (which you already watched).

Zeca said...

Yes, i think i found same problem that piotr mentioned after a little usage... it's quite annoying... once you release the finger when checking the bottom it goes to the top ... i don't know if it's due to detection issues like piotr said , but it looks like the same problem...

I own nokia 5800 said...

I love your touch comi 1.7....
I have a request.... please can u make "TOUCH TXT 1.1." application....
in which we can open txt ebooks...
I know we can open txt files in default nokia 5800 txt reader but i want it to have kinetic scrolling and rich ui... like in touch comic..
I have many 5800 user friends, we all have lot of story ebook txt, it is difficult to read using the default file manager... so please let me know through email or comment whether it is possible for you to make it... if you make it we all will be happy... thanks a lot....

piotr said...

I own nokia 5800 said...:

There is perfect txt/fb2 ebook reader for nokia 5800 - look for ZXReader.

Jamie Fuller said...

Hi Guys,

You'll be glad to know I'm already working through the bugs and think I have busted all the ones mentioned above. thanks for highlighting them to me.

There was also a couple that I found that I have fixed.

Version 1.8 will be out any day now and I hope to add the camera button for the i8910 but I need you help one more time please Chris,

Could you do as you did before but this tim ereport the longer number that it shown under "Last Received Keycode" as en example on the n97 it is

63616 (0xf880)

Many thanks and stay tuned.

Chris said...

Hey Jamie the only way I can get any thing to show up under last received key code. Is to press the onscreen keys, is there something I need to do to make it show up? Just let me know if I am doing something wrong and I will fix it right away thanks

Chris said...

Hey Jamie I still can't get the camera key to work, but the send key works fine. And pushing it in touch comic doesn't disturb anything, the info is


53586 (0xf862)thanks

Jamie Fuller said...

Thanks for that Chris, I'll add it to 1.8, which should be uploaded this evening.

All the bugs are gone, added the feature requests and also the option to display or not display "on screen buttons".


Chris said...

53586 (0xf862) is 63586 (0xf862) sorry