Monday, September 07, 2009

TouchComic 1.6 Update

Hi All,

I decided to add some requested features into this this release.

The changes are:

1) "Kinetic scrolling"
2) Option to select drive AND FOLDER (comics can be stored on any drive AND FOLDER now)
3) Proper Icon instead of Python default (this wasn't requested)

To enable change one I had to remove the ability to "slide" pages, so to move to next or previous pages you should either double click to the left or right of the screen (5800/n97) or use the left or right keys (n97 only)

You can download it here:-

And don't forget to make sure you have the 1.9.7 run-times.

This release *SHOULD* still work fine on 5800 but I haven't tested.



Carlos said...

Great job! thanks for the work!!
mybe you could be more verbose on wich file to get the python runtime sis, in the pys60 web page.

veno said...

I like kinetic scrolling but could you put slide option only when you are in fit to width mode, because I prefer it to doubletap.
also icon is modded only in portrait mode, in landscape mode is normal python.
otherwise it's great application and I read lot's of comics so far.
keep up the good work

Zeca said...

Doesn't seem to work on 5800, it shuts down when i open it... do i have to sign it for it to work properly? Or are there other requiremente besides 1.9.7 Python for S60? ...

Jamie Fuller said...

Hi All,

Thanks for the nice words,

Zeca, it could be that your 5800 is running low on memory. I havn't heard of anyone else having this problem on 5800s

Veno, The icon issue is strange, did you upgrade an existing version? if so it could be that the phone is caching the icons. a reboot should sort it.

Carlos, I'll add more info when I upload version 1.7

Thanks again.

MaD said...

Man, this app is awesome!!
I'm looking forward to the next release! Thx!

Zeca said...

Hmmm ... i doubt it, since .py script of 1.5 version works fine on python shell (doesn't work when i try to open a 60Mb .CBZ, but opens 30Mb ones) and i have 45MB of free RAM when 'idle' and 30MB in C: drive (6,5Gb free on card)

But yes ... i might have some memory issues since 15Mb RAM are randomly taken and given (making free RAM oscilation from 45 to 30) ... idk is this is some garbage collection issue on 30.0.011 version...

katman2 said...

great job again, jamie. And i do my suggestion again for supporting .cbr files. Waiting for your next version, THX

Raul Robbiani said...

It´s the BEST application on my Nokia 5800! I convert my pdf books (reader is too slow on the 5800) to cbz and I read with the Touch comic! The only feature I need is to bookmark a page (perhaps you can add it in the next update ;)
Thanks for your work!
Regards from Argentina...

Shafeeq said...


Cool app! Using it on my 5800... One question though...

How do i leave full screen mode? Unless i'm really daft here...

Jamie Fuller said...

to leave the fullscreen mode. double tap the center on the screen.

jarosoft said...

please, you must try to put .cbr support in that application, when you do this, this will be the best!

veno said...

yep it was only caching problem

when commenting, could you please create some sort of copter game that would lag on 5800

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


You need to nuke from orbit settings file from old version. Then it will work.


Could it be possible to change double tap to maybe tapping into separate places (foe example - upper right followed by lower right edge of screen to go forward).

5800 very frequently detects small variations of pressure when swooping as double taps and constant unwanted fullscreen/page switeches are driving me crazy:/

BoiDLi said...

Hey Jamie

Your application is awesome, I use everyday in public transportation.

I can propose 2 improvements though:
- I'd like to see the content of the chosen folder displayed in the homepage when I open the application.
- Second, is it possible to link the vol+ and vol- buttons of the nokia 5800 to previous and next page?

That would be great?

Keep up the good work, man!

phophe said...

Your app is 99% perfect, the 1% remaining would be CBR support ;-)
Very nice work.

rofe said...

How can I install that app into my 5800? whats the file that I need to download in the Py60 webpage? and how can I install that file into my cellphone? Thanks!!!!

A7 said...

Thank you so much, your app has changed my life :)
I have one suggestion, if you could add a "fit to width button" between exit and options, so one does not always need to acces options and set it from there.
Again thank you this is the most awesome app i have ever seen.

Chris said...

Dude love the app I have 2 suggestions. I have a I8910 which allows you to zoom by touching the screen for 1 second and then moving up or down. If you could add that I would pay what ever you want, also if you could make the vol up and down buttons change pages. It would be the S H I T once again thank you thank you and I will seriously pay for the zoom feature

Grace said...

Hey love the app so this and was wondering if it is true thanks

Great new version.
You can easily add cbr (rar) feature if you add the rarfile library
I have installed this rarfile after putting in a selfsigned file. I change a little your code for adding rarfile support and I try the new version with a cbr comic file and it works !

rarfile =

Tech Head Geezer said...

I've said it before & I'll say it again, fantastic app for my N97.

Couple of suggestions if I may.

The biggest bugbear for me is the time it takes to load pages, on my N97 this is at least 5 seconds. I'm sure its the phone & not the software but is it possible to somehow pre-load the next page to RAM or whatever so its ready to go?

Secondly whilst waiting for the page to load the screen turns bright white, which can be quite painful to the eyes having read something dark, can you darken this color?

As someone elase said if the volume buttons on the N97 could be mapped to next & previous page this would be a bonus as double tapping can be a bit hiss & miss?

Look forward to the next upgrade