Monday, April 06, 2009


Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay, this thing is turning into a real Bitch!

Designing the levels is proving to be the most tricky part, but it is coming on and will be released (even if its unfinished) by the end of this week.

Some additional info...

The game has 3 soundtracks written just for this game by Danceaway64 and also has an online score table to compare your abilities with the rest of the 5800 community.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

This week?

wuhuuh =D
nice, thx :]

paul0 said...

nice nice, i'm getting my 5800 by this week also.

Anonymous said...

nice work bro.

keep on doing new things for this hp.... thanks

chin from Malaysia ;)

h03tn4d said...

hey yea i will be waiting to test it out! cheers

great job!

dan from malaysia too ^^

paul0 said...

I don't want the 5800 to become an iPhone, but i have a question: is the tracking of multiple touches accurate enough to make iPhone-like multitouch on the 5800?