Sunday, April 19, 2009

Comic Book Reader...

Hi All,

UPDATE: New download, version V1.1 fixes Memory bug.
UPDATE: New Download, V1.2 Includes automatic bookmark.

Last week I decided to learn Python, or more specifically PyS60.

So far I'm really impressed, and to celebrate my first week anniversary of this great new language I thought I'd release my first app written in it.

One thing I really wanted on all the S60 nokias I've owned was a comic book reader, I have a huge collection of classic Comic books, all scanned and stored in CBR/CBZ format. I used to read them on the PSP but now I have the 5800, with a much better screen I was really hoping to be able to do the same.

So here is ComicTouch, a simple but effective CBZ reader.

For those who don't know, a CBZ is basically a collection of images stored in a ZIP file for convenience.

It features...
Support for CBZ/ZIP files
JPG/Gif and PNG content
Full Screen mode with Touch/Gesture based controls
Portrait/Landscape operation
Intelligent Auto-fit scaling option

It lacks...
Support for CBR/RAR files
Password protected CBZ/ZIP files
TIFF Format

To use this software you must have the latest PyS60 runtimes installed (1.9.3 or higher)

It will only work on the 5800 or N97 as it requires the touchscreen.

All CBZ files should be stored on the memory card (E:) in a folder called "Comics"

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. See the video below for instructions on use.

you can download the software directly from my server here (V1.2)
you can download the latest PyS60 runtimes here:
you can download a test CBZ file here (this file is a public domain CBZ)

Please give me feedback as always.


Pankaj Nathani said...


We would like to feature your application on -

Could you get in touch with me at

pankaj dot nathani at

Jamie Fuller said...

Hi Pankaj,

I've replied to your email address.


ferdy182 said...
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Luiz Filho said...

does it can zoom to read better the small ballons?

Fadi said...

It don't seems to work on my 5800XM. It's just tells me if i have python stuff even after installing it. I tried on C: and E: but still the same... Any solution. Thanks.

Jeremy C said...

Way to go man, I have been waiting for an app like this since getting my 5800 last Nov. Thanks a mil.

Can I make 2 small suggestions.
1. It would be wicked if you could hold your finger on the screen and have a little zoom box pop up, would make it easier to read dialogue.

2. Being able to set the zoom level would be cool.

Anyways thanks again!!!!

Matt said...

I have same problem as Fadi, any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Jamie Fuller, thx for this staff.

Did not work with 1.9.4 runtimes. Rollback to 1.9.3 resolve this problem.

Fadi said...

I tried 1.9.4 and 1.9.3 and it's the same... Also I don't find a 1.9.3 with Pips. Somebody know where i can find PIPS Library who works with 5800xm ?

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jamie:

Really good application, unfortunately I am another of those 5800 users who cannot get your application to work. Perhaps you should consider posting a detailed installation guide for less savvy users than you.

Thanks in any case.

Anonymous said...

Hey got any step by step instructions??
I cant seem to use it (Psshh im abit of a noob on these)

Bob De Schutter said...

Amazing work. Been using it for a couple of days and I figured that I'd post some requests here.

I use it in landscape mode with the fit to width option enabled. That works very well, but some comics have two pages at the same time in their archive which results in the dialogue becoming too tiny to read. So here are my remarks/requests...

- .cbr would be awesome. Converting is becoming a drag, but I'll live. ;-)

- Browsing pages by tapping lower right and left corners instead of sliding.

- Holding down the stylus gets you a magnifying glass so you can read small dialogue.

- An option to keep the device in landscape mode.

- When you're done with a comic, browsing to the next page will open the next comic.

Again... Great work. Using it every day.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. I will try this on my n97. Now where can we find your rss feeds because I can only see one for comments. Many thanks.

Adam said...

Great work and non-touchscreen support please!