Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...

Hi All,

As promised, here is the current version of "Space Dancer".

I guess it could be called an alpha version but It's as finished as I am going to make it, it contains all the features I wanted to add including world leader boards etc.But the project has since become uninteresting to me. I have 4 other projects on the go and this one quickly became the least enjoyable of them.

Anyway, without further ado here is the game,

Please Download the SIS file here - 1MB

Many thanks to Danceaway64 for the great tracks,

Play the game in landscape mode, tap the title of the song in the main screen to switch between the three songs/speed levels.

To play simply press the corresponding onscreen buttons as the red laser approaches it.

The online score boards will require a data connection. but you can also view the scores online here

Anyway please enjoy and let me have your feedback.

Huge thanks to and to danceaway64



dadiduekappa said...

Wow!!! My compliment!!! Multitouch is HERE!!! Good job Jamie.. The game is not equal to video.. Why have you changed?

Josue Palma said...

Awesome!! Thanks

GuyK1994 said...

It very nice.
but you need to do the circles a little bit bigger because there are people who have big fingers and it hard to fo this with little circles.

AKASH said...

more of this stuff jamie!! i hope u can sell it too.. and make some bucks! good job again!

GuyK1994 said...

I see anther problem.
when you press the up left circle and the down right circle there are problems like that no one of the circle work and you can't press them.

Aron7120 said...

I think the game is great, but the multitouch doesn't always work, sometimes I press one button and then add another but then the game says i'm not pressing any buttons when i'm pressing two... But anyway, it's great how you did it, also like you other game for 5800(sensitive). Keep up the good work!

Sina said...

This is amazing.
You'll be loved by thousands of people if you can do the multi touch on windows mobile.
I think if you be willing to do this, you'll get more donations from winmo guys than the whole income of every big cell phone application developement company.
cheers... :)

Anonymous said...

hey jamie im having trouble installing the game it opens itself as a text once i dowloaded it, would you plz let me know how to install it i'd really like to have that game thanks

Mark said...

Very, very cool. Didn't knew it was possible. Keep up the good work.

rAhul said...

simply....hats ofFFF!!!!

wat an amazing thing u did on this fone..

now expecting a lot from you...

Farzan said...

man this rocks!!!

amir said...

This isn't exactly multi touch. I've noticed on the nokia 5800 that when you press 2 places at the same time it senses the pressure exactly between the 2.

So in fact creating a "multi touch" game like this one is simply looking for a press on one side followed by an immediate press in the middle of the area where the second press might be.

For example:
I press on left side,
Then the system senses the press to move to the middle because what I actually did is:
from -
to -
The system sees is as

So this a mimicking of multitouch not actual multi touch.

GuyK1994 said...

This is a video that explain what the guy tring to say.

rAhul said...

jamie please see the leaderboard of this game.u will get to know wat i m tryin to say

Someone's has got some kind of cheat or something and that really disappoints gamers...

Jamie Fuller said...

Thanks for the nice words everyone,

rAhul, Unfortunately its almost impossible to stop people from cheating, but I have removed the scores from the table that were blatantly cheating and coded a little more protection into the scoreboard.

Thanks again!

GuyK1994 said...

Another guy with the name "Sean" cheat.
Interesting how they do it.

mognes said...

nice work. would it be possible to make an app that makes cpu check for touch input like every milisecond, so if you press on two or more locations it would be 1 ms press on locaton 1, then 1 ms location 2... and the application would simulate multi-touch by combining inputs

anti- benjamin m0k said...

well great multitouch well not entirely multitouch.. This phone has resistive touchscreen so no way you can mimic the true multitouch. By the way the graphics is a bit to stale, and it only features three songs. And the music is not in sync with the laser crap.. And the whole game felt sluggish. Why don't you people try 'danceryx' an established 5800 fully compatible dancing-touch game.. Its 10 times better.. Sry for being so harsh well thats how i felt bout the game..

Alien said...


I have Samsung i8910 HD and it doesn=C2=B4t go. It writes me that the game =
designed to be played in Landscape Mode "please rotate the phone to begin"
but when I rotate my phone nothing happens. Please can you disable this

Alien said...

thing? or just write the app only for landscape mode that will not use the sensor...

JohnyK said...

WOW This is great! I just bought my Nokia 5800, but was very disapointed to see it was singletouch! That alone destroyed most of the fun of it.
It´s really a pain when I'm trying to write messages and miss some button presses because I didnt completely let go off the previous button....

It's just not as easy to use it as it is. So I searched for "multitouch nokia 5800" and your videos appear everywhere!!!

Glad you made this app, but it is just for this game...

...couldn´t you use the same multitouch code to integrate it in all the phone usage?